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Create Account and build profile:Create your own account filling some basic information needed, and then submit your articles to ensure. You valuable article would fulfill your purpose of grabbing audience attention towards what you want to convey them.

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Select Sub category: You should select the best matched category and subcategory (if required) focusing on your article’s content theme, information and keywords.

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  1. Log into your Expert Author Account.
  2. Select the Write & Edit tab from the top of the interface.
  3. Once in the Write & Edit tab, you’ll see the “Submit New Article” screen. This is where you will begin typing your article.
  4. Select each section of this form to begin typing your article. Selecting the blue question mark will give you helpful tips, blog posts, and audio to help you optimize each section of your article.
  5. Once you have completed the current section, select the blue right or left arrow on the top of the field to navigate to the next section you wish to complete.
  6. Select “Save” to save your progress or “Cancel” to exit the current field without saving. When you have finished entering your content, select “Submit This Article” at the bottom of the page to send your article to our editors. You will receive email notification letting you know when your article has completed editorial review.

To learn even more, watch our beginner videos for loads of information that will help jumpstart your article writing success:

  • What Membership Levels Are Available for Authors?

Four different levels make up the EzineArticles Free Membership Pyramid:

    1. Basic
    2. Basic Plus
    3. Platinum
    4. Diamond

In any membership level above, you can select to upgrade to our paid service. Premium membership allows for greater control, speed and convenience within your account. With a Premium membership, you still hold one of the above free membership levels.

*Premium membership does NOT guarantee article approval or editorial bias as this cannot be bought.