Human Healthy Life Style with Scientific Advancement

Millions of years ago dinosaurs dominated this planet but after the evolution of the human beings they became the new ruler. The intelligence level of human being is pretty high in comparison to all other animals. Extreme desire to explore and the capacity of mind helped in the development of human being. Fire, wheel, agriculture were the early such developments that influenced and had overall impact on the upcoming future generations. For several thousand years, there was no change in life of humans but due to curiosity, witnessing development in other countries, trade and several other factors encouraged for developing new things.
Travelling to distant land was always a major challenge. On land several animals such as camel, horse, etc were employed, on sea only vessels dependent on wind were used. All these were slow therefore other forms of transport were developed. Although it took several hundred years to modify and develop locomotives, cars , aircrafts and mammoth ships but now travelling to other corner of the world is mere a game-a part of Healthy Life Style . When the discussion is about use of technology in house then obviously electrical and electronic appliances have to be referred. Television is the window to world that delivers real time news and information. Air conditioners make the home perfect place to live in hot and cold seasons. With the help of telephone, it is now feasible to talk to a person thousands of miles away; mobile phones have further simplified the case.
Governments of all countries comprehend the importance of science and technology. Therefore the governments employ the erudite talent in various scientific projects to assure success. Technology is used tremendously in defense sector. Fighter aircrafts, smart weapons, tanks, submarines, missiles, surveillance have to be modern to face challenges. Security is the primary aim of every government therefore multi billion dollars is spent on defense. Before producing any weapon system in large number, massive amount of money is to be spent on research and development. Race and competition is today present everywhere and therefore to stay ahead more stress is on developing superior products. This quality would be present only due when new characteristics would be integrated through technical up gradation.
In last six decades human being has successfully accomplished such challenging tasks that were part of fairy tales such as manned missions to moon. It was a serious technical challenge for man to leave upper atmospheric environment but advanced rocket technology made it feasible. Outer space is the new battleground because advanced countries want to set up their whole series of satellite to assist in the purpose of communication, navigation, surveillance, trade and research. Although only few nations have capability to explore space but now even small nations are attaining feats through hard work and research.

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